You want to trade you’re current car on to another one in our stock? Or maybe you want to get rid of your car for other reasons?
If you fill in this form, and clarify if you want us to buy the car from you, or to trade with a car in our stock, than we are making you a bid as soon as possible.

If you just arrived here as a new resident and you drive a car with a foreign number plate, also than we can trade in you‘re car. If so, than please write down the first registration date, engine type and other relevant specifications in the “other comments“ field on the form below.

  • Technical condition of the car ( tire wear / other condition)

  • When trading, wich car in our stock do you wish to trade with:

Why Mobiliteitshuis Terneuzen?
  • large stock
  • Maintenance according to factory specifications ensuring you guarantee conservation
  • Competitive rates and competitive prices
  • Customer and service oriented with a friendly atmosphere
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